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How Covid Messed Up My Creative Mojo and Other Things

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2020 was a strange year. I was ready and poised to deliver the sequel to my novella series, TMI,INC when the world in motion stopped.

I work in the healthcare industry and was immediately called to action, working in the ICU in my small town. The death toll was less than the bigger cities but for our small area, it was catastrophic for the community and for my mental health. At one point, multiple covid related deaths were happening during every shift I worked.

Couple that with two young children to homeschool, and being hypervigilant in not spreading this terrible virus to family and loved ones, you can safely say that my creativity and will to write were ZAPPED. I missed my first release date in February, then October. After that I retreated and gave up.

I wanted to write, desperately. Every morning I said, "Today will be the day!" I would get up, get my coffee and lock myself in my writing room and stare at the laptop as if it were a monster threatening attack. I could not even open up my manuscript.

Not being able to create and work on something that I loved, contributed to my depression and anxiety. I felt helpless and not in control. I also knew I had let my fans down.

Now as the world is slowly starting to move again, I find that I too am slowly emerging from the fog. Not only am I happily and speedily working on the sequel to ORIGIN STORY, I have quite a few new ideas to bring to life.

I just want to thank my loyal readers and the book publishing community at large for being so supportive during these strange times. Everyone I've talked to and confided in has been more than supportive and compassionate. I am so thankful for this beautiful community I belong to.

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