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Rowena Rede is a multi-genre author who strives to provide her readers with content full of chaos, found family, friendships, magic, and mayhem.

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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Rede-verse, a diverse universe made up of snarky anti-heroes, badass babes, lots of action, and mythical creatures. Within the Rede-verse you will find a common theme among every story- Love Wins. Whether it's the love of best friends or a slow burn romance in the making, the Rede-verse will have something for everyone.



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The Michigan Dogman Files

August 5, 2019

This collaboration with Author Derek Borne contains the first appearance of Rowena Rede's popular character Park Thatcher as he helps a team of super-powered spies to solve a grisly urban legend.


Origin Story Episode 1

April 15, 2020

What are two unemployed spies to do when their resume highlights include killing people, sarcasm, alcoholism, and caffeine addiction? With few options available, they contract themselves to a mysterious client with lots of cash to burn and are whisked off to Los Angeles and a prickly partner who happens to be a powerful witch.

They quickly realize they may be in over their heads when they discover that the creatures from their childhood nightmares are alive and thriving.


Backstory Episode 2 (COMING SOON)


The team quickly finds out that things are never as they seem and the shadows of the past always have a way of coming to light. Will Maya ever find her way home? Can Park and Will find their place among creatures who don’t want them? A storm is brewing, witch way will the wind blow?

Available Summer 2021 Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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"So we're freelancers now. Does that mean I have to post about it on social media and grow a beard?"

Park Thatcher in Origin Story by Rowena Rede


About Rowena Rede

Who Is Rowena Rede?

A self-confessed pop culture nerd and overall geek with a goth aesthetic.

 Rowena loves all things Marvel and used to spend all her free time in comic book shops causing the poor retailers to have back problems thanks to her overstuffed pull box. 

These days, she's still a Marvel fan though doesn't visit the shops as often as she would like but loves the way the MCU has turned out. 

Residing on a small farm, she juggles the life of a thirty-something mother whose small herd of goats and chickens appreciate her winged eyeliner and wine-colored lipstick but only when it's accompanied with treats. 

When not writing her next book, you can find her puttering around the old homestead building things or co-hosting a true-crime podcast, The 3AM Mystery Club with her best friends. 



PO Box 464 Gallipolis Ferry, WV 25515


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